Black Soap with Rose

Black soap or « Beldi soap » is a 100% natural olive oil product. The olive oil pulp, which is extremely rich in vitamin E minerals and a great emollient, is saponified to give the soap a gel-like consistency.

The soap will clean the skin removing dead cells as well as toxins leaving it soft and silky. It is also a very effective natural solution to combat dehydration and dryness giving the skin a revitalized and young fresh look.

Only the finest pure organic ingredients are put in our ARGAPUR Black soap.

For that, we work closely with our raw material suppliers to monitor and ensure a high-end production.

We then add our personal touch mixing the ARGAPUR Black soap with a wide range of Essential oils (Lavender, Orange blossom, Rose Essence, Eucalyptus, Menthol and Argan…) to give you a better experience.




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