100% Organic cosmetic CACTUS oil and ARGAN oil 60 ml

The super food for you skin.

It is a 100% organic facial treatment.

It combats the free radicals and stimulates renewal of cells and repairs skin texture.

It reduces the depth of wrinkles and helps balance the natural production of oils.

It also fights the stretch marks scars as well as firming the skin.

Thanks to its high content of Vitamin E (nearly 1g per Kilogram) and EFA (Essential Fatty acids), the prickly pear oil is a powerful antiaging.

Our 100% Organic mix of raw pure certified Argan oil and prickly pear oil is the perfect combo to repair and preserve the natural beauty of your skin.

We extract our oil from the finest seeds. This laborious time consuming task enables us, after more than 24 hours of work to yield 1 liter, for which more than 450 Kg of prickly pears are needed.




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