About us

« When I see a beautiful woman. I wonder
What she does to take care of herself.
Moroccan Beauty has been crowned
in the whole world. »

Soft and golden  skin  year around’ , a deep fragrance, dense hair. Today we copy the ritual of oriental cosmetics. In the Moroccan pharmacopoeia we recommend that rich core that grows in the argan’s forests we cross When   traveling trough the Atlas. Argapur has discovered for you the natural treasures that make the beauty Of the Moroccan woman all from argan oil , rose Water , lavender, to cactus and clays …  The great trend nowadays is to to go  back to the origins and live ORGANIC .

Since this concern your body, your skin and hair , it is obvious that you are and must be demanding , and so are we at  Argapur. You want to trust and  rely on high-end local products and Argapur does it for you.Actually,  we carefully selects our partners as well as  the quality of  materials respecting the best international practices .

The end result is beauty products that fits  you and provide  careful  care  while respecting  the environment  and working with cooperatives to support and help the  argan’s  women.

Argapur continues to develop a variety of local cosmetic products . Seeking to fill all the aspirations of consumers worldwide. More than a company , Argapur seeks to purify the beauty routine of every woman while keeping it simple and easy for every lady to enjoy the simplicity and authenticity of the Moroccan cosmetic treasure.

Argapur, Try the difference